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Calcium Chloride in Drilling Fluids and Well completion

Calcium Chloride for Oil & Gas Drilling
Calcium Chloride is used in establishing and maintaining oil and gas wells. It helps well fluids gain needed consistency, increases density and stabilizes shale formations. As a completion fluid it seals well casings and displaces drilling mud. Calcium Chloride is used in several applications for new or existing wells to improve efficiency and production. Calcium Chloride Liquid Blends and solid form are used in gas and oil drilling. It helps keep gases from forming and helps sludge from getting out of hand.

Drilling Muds:
Calcium Chloride is used in drilling mud to cool and lubricate the bit and to remove cuttings from the hole. Calcium Chloride helps add density to the mud to overcome formation pressures and keep oil, gas, and water in place. Calcium Chloride inhibits clay and shale hydration, adds needed weight to overcome formation pressure, aids in carrying cuttings to the surface, and is easily diluted from more concentrated solution.

Completion Fluids:
Calcium Chloride is used as a completion fluid just before the producing formation is reached to flush the hole clean of solids so the casing can be cemented into place. As a clear, solids free brine, Calcium Chloride is ideal as a completion fluid with a density range of 10 to 12 pounds per gallon.

Concrete Accelerator:
As a pipe that runs from the reservoir to the surface, the casing is usually cemented into place to ensure a pressure tight connection to the oil and gas reservoir. The concrete also prevents caving, confines production to the well bore, and provides a way to control well pressure. Calcium Chloride dramatically cuts set time for the concrete and can be used down-hole to several thousand feet.

Packer Fluid:
Once the casing is cemented into place, a smaller diameter pipe, the tubing, is inserted into the casing. Tubing makes the flow of oil or gas more efficient and can be replaced if plugs develop or it is damaged. Tubing is used with a packer fluid that keeps the well fluids away from the casing to minimize corrosion. The tubing packer combination reduces well pressure on the casing and reduces the chance that a casing leak could become a blowout. Calcium Chloride is used in packing the annular space between the tubing and the casing. It helps maintain pressure levels because it has sufficient density to offset the pressure on the casing.

Workover Fluid:
Calcium Chloride is used as a workover fluid, flushing wells free of solids before they are repaired or before reworking a well that has been idle for some time.


Calcium Chloride for FDR Asphalt Reclamation

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) is a proven method for rebuilding deteriorated asphalt roads. It produces a strong road base, lowers material cost and eliminates the need for disposal of old pavement. The Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association endorses FDR, stating, The process has been proven on a wide range of flexible pavement structures to produce quality results at substantially lower costs and considerably shorter construction periods than conventional reconstruction practices. Improvements  have been made to traditional FDR techniques using liquid calcium chloride as the base stabilization agent. The Traditional Method Traditional full-depth reclamation with calcium chloride consists of six primary steps. First, a reclaimer is used to pulverize the surface and road base to a specified depth. Next, calcium chloride such as U.S. Chloride's Gold Blend Liquid Calcium Chloride is applied to the pulverized material using a truck with a spray bar much like a dust control treatment. Then, a second pass of the reclaimer thoroughly mixes the calcium chloride with the road materials. The road is graded and shaped, followed by rolling and compaction with a vibratory roller. The last step is the application of the chloride top dressing or seal. This FDR technique combines the first three steps of the traditional method (pulverization, liquid application and mixing) into one step. The liquid calcium chloride is applied directly to the road material as it is reclaimed. Because the liquid is uniformly mixed during pulverization, the need for a second pass by the reclaimer is eliminated. The application rate is precisely controlled relative to ground speed and the reclaiming depth to assure consistent coverage of the stabilizing agent. After shaping and compaction, experience has shown that the fog seal may be considered optional, depending on job specifications. The end result is a densely compacted road base with consistent and uniform strength, achieved with less time and effort than was previously possible with the traditional procedure. The use of liquid calcium chloride blends  has been used for many years. Injecting the calcium chloride into the material as it's being processed is directly attributable to the results achieved.  Solutions of calcium chloride have a stronger moisture film than plain water. This enhances the lubrication effect produced by the liquid and allows the aggregate components to slide more easily against one another during compaction, resulting in a stronger, more compact base. Calcium chloride solutions  strongly resist evaporation. This works to maintain optimum moisture content in the road base. Dust problems are virtually eliminated. The potential for surface deterioration during staged construction is minimized or eliminated, so the stabilized road can be kept open for local traffic prior to final paving. The longer a road bed lays, the stronger and more stable it becomes. In the past, a loss of surface moisture would often lead to raveling and deterioration of the road base before paving.

Liquid Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is the most powerful of all the common deicers used for melting ice and snow on roadways, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and streets.

The exothermic (heat releasing) reaction when calcium chloride goes into solution makes it the deicer of choice. Effective to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Our calcium chloride blend liquid is used in a wide variety of applications in numerous industries, from dust control on roadways to oil and gas drilling. It is also used as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transportation. The product is non hazmat.

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